Anonymous asked: I find your art style to have a really nordic feel to it and, as a norwegian artist myself, I try to let my culture reflect in my artworks but I don't actually manage to do it... so may I ask what are your inspirations ? (sorry if my message was confusing, i'm bad in english:/)

Hi! I’ve been trying to add more nordic/Norwegian elements to my art lately, so I’m glad you noticed! It’s pretty simple - I just try to include things that are typical to nordic culture, like snow and fog, mountains, tundra, pine trees, heavy clothing, certain ornamental patterns. In the last picture I added, for example, the tack on the horse was inspired by designs on dalahest figures. My role models in art are Theodor Kittelsen and John Bauer, who both create a very nordic feeling in their paintings. Hope this was of some help!

Skulle gjerne skrevet til deg på norsk, men tenkte kanskje andre ville ha nytte av dette også! :o)

Ghost river


Mountain girl ✿ First of a small series of character portraits I want to do :o)


Posting some random things just as proof that I’m still alive, I haven’t posted in so long :’| The top one is a small bit of a almost done painting for the Fairy Tale charity artbook, bottom one is some watercolor studies of akhal-tekes.. I’m currently studying really hard for my end-of-terms exams, so there’s little time and attention for drawing.. :-( Once my vacation starts next week I will work hard to paint as much as possible and become better! 

Also, I recently did a very fun commission for a children’s magazine! I’m really excited to show you guys once it’s out :o)


Watercolor process

Hi everyone!
I’ve been asked to show my painting process a long time ago, I’m sorry for being so slow making this.. I keep forgetting to take pictures as I paint! But now I finally got around to doing it, so here it is :o)

(I apologize in advance for the bad pictures)

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Hi everyone! I’m very sorry for being so inactive lately, I’ve had the worst art block ever and haven’t been able to finish anything. But now I think it’s finally gone and I can paint again •ᴥ•

Here’s some of the things I’m working on at the moment!


A fish-shaped hole in the universe ( ˘ ³˘)♥

aphroditea asked: you are an INCREDIBLE artist your latest painting has been my phone background ever since I saw it on my dash. I adore all of your work

Ahh thank you so much <3<3